Kaitlyn M. Sawyer is a Creative photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty and diversity of her local community. With 5 years of experience behind the lens, Kaitlyn has become known for their unique perspective and ability to capture the essence of their subjects in a creative and captivating way. 
As an openly LGBT photographer, Kaitlyn brings a deep understanding and appreciation of the community to every shoot, and is committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for their clients. Specializing in Creative Portraits & Night Photography, Kaitlyn has worked with a diverse range of clients and projects. 
With a focus on storytelling and authenticity, Kaitlyn has become a sought-after creative photographer. Their work has been recognized and featured in numerous blogs and publications, and will continue to push the boundaries of traditional photography to create unique and impactful visual narratives.
500px: breaking the mold grant recipient 
2021 & 2022 

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